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Short Turnaround
Short Turnaround
Our 28 years of service coupled with dependable factories ensures your products are delivered on-time.

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We take your currently produced product and deliver lower cost, highest quality offshore manufacturing.
Free Quote
Free Quote
Receive a FREE, no obligation quote on getting your product produced through TSC International.

Have an item and need it produced in Asia at a lower cost?
We can help you!

Product manufacturing is a global marketplace – companies are no longer asking "do we import?", but "WHAT do we import and how?" If you are not an expert in offshore contract manufacturing there are plenty of opportunities for barriers and pitfalls. You certainly can't afford to discover them through trial and error.

Our experience as China Sourcing Agents helps make your manufacturing venture smooth and profitable. TSC International has spent years cultivating relationships with various manufacturers in China. We can get most any product made in China because we are not limited to one facility or resource. We work on your behalf to find suitable product manufacturers in the Far East. We also can build parts for your products, to your exact specifications, for final assembly in the U.S.A.

Competitive Pricing
We compare quotes from various potential suppliers throughout
the Far East to insure the
most competitive price for
each of our customers.

TSC assures you that our exporters and manufacturers deliver the highest quality wholesale goods – at the most competitive pricing. By using our Asian relationships, your company can avoid costly mistakes.

We are experienced in manufacturing processes including: plastic injection, plastic extrusion, metal stamping, metal forming, welding and coatings such as powder paint, PCV, PE and chrome plating.

TSC can provide your company with cost saving opportunities. Contact us immediately to take advantage of cost effective, quality offshore work.


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